At the age of 39, Lance Gorrindo tragically died on April 4, 2016. He lives on in the stories he left us with, the laughs he brought us, and in the many ways — large and small — that we live differently for having shared our lives with him.

Honoring Lance

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Eulogies & Remembrances

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Honoring Lance

Lance played so many parts in the lives of so many people. We can best honor Lance by remembering him for who he was and how he affected us in small and large ways. You can honor Lance by sharing a few words describing who Lance was to you — perhaps an epic adventure that you shared with him, or just a short memory of something he once said to you that has stuck with you and still today you hear his voice — and add your remembrance to the growing collection below.

Additionally, a scholarship in Lance’s name is being established at his alma mater, Santa Clara University. Further details regarding how you can contribute to this scholarship will be posted here in the near future.

Sharing Your Stories

Lance was many things to so many people. Share your memories and photos of Lance here — as a loyal friend, a compassionate and excellent veterinarian, a relentless prankster, a diligent scholar, a lifelong athlete, an eager explorer, a lover of the wilderness.


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Eulogies & Remembrances

The following eulogies and remembrances were spoken at Lance’s memorial service by some of Lance’s closest and most loved friends and family members.

Robert Basta

Today we are all here to celebrate Lance’s life and how special a person he was.

Tristan Gorrindo

I’ve known Lance for over 40 years. How is that possible even though he is only 39? We shared the same cramped space for many months prior to meeting our mom and dad. I’m Tristan, his twin brother.

Andrew Pennucci

I have known the Gorrindos for over 30 years, and a large majority of my memories and experiences I had growing up in Gardnerville involve Lance.

Brooks McManus

I have so many memories of Lance that I don’t know where to begin. The Gorrindo family was our closest neighbor when I was growing up, so we were always together. I think there were many times they thought they had four sons. The family treated me like one of their own.

Rob Anderson

The last decision of Lance’s life was clearly his worst decision. As a man, he regularly made very good decisions and life choices. His judgment at home, at the hospital and in the field was always measured with careful and prudent reasoning. Yet his last decision, his last judgment relative to his life, was his worst. One that can’t be undone and one that will haunt each of us each time we reflect on Lance. As those who are left to pick up the pieces of his shattered family and friends, it would be understandable to be hurt and perhaps even angry with Lance’s last decision.

However, I choose not to allow the feelings as to the worst decision of his life to cloud the 30-plus years I’ve known Lance.

Armen Agacanyan

Lance was like a brother to me… he was a mentor, an advisor, a loyal, trusted friend. He called me Carmel (because he couldn’t understand why I would be named after my country), then started calling me Assman… that’s a long story.

Don Hemerson

My Name is Don Hemerson and Lance was my best friend, the brother I never had.

Steve Talbot

I am deeply saddened to be so far away in Africa and unable to be with so many friends and colleagues who knew and loved Lance as I did and I still do.

My relationship with Lance goes back nearly to his birth. Our son Ryan was born within months of Lance and our kids grew up together. I followed his development over the years into the remarkable young man he became.

Cameron Ross

Lance was a dear friend and amazing business partner to me. I met Lance when he was still in high school and over the last 20 years we developed a brotherly bond that I will always cherish.

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Would you like to share a photo or memory or otherwise contact the Gorrindo Family? You can do so by emailing Phil Gorrindo here.