One Second Everyday: Becoming a Human, Falling in Love, Stretching a Mind

June 4, 2015By Phillip GorrindoPhotos, Quantified Self, Software Solution, Time-lapse, Travel, Visual Experiments

Curious what the first 365 days of a person’s life looks like? Curious what it looks like to become a human?

Me too! My sister and brother-in-law captured one second of every day of their kid Lucas’s first year of life, and consolidated these moments into a 5 minute video. In a handful of minutes, we see the moment-by-moment development of Lucas, from a minutes-old creature to a person with his own desires, emotions, personality. I can’t wait to see all the many ways, large and small, that my nephew will grow and change in the coming days, months, years! (Related: 17 Seconds To Sophie)

One Second Everyday: Lucas's First Year of Life from Phil Gorrindo on Vimeo.


Curious what the small, daily moments look like while someone is falling in love with another person? Me too! I created a compilation of one second moments – beautiful, joyful, mundane, sad, and everything in between – during the month of January 2014 that I spent in Rome, Italy.

One Second Everyday: January 2014 in Italy from Phil Gorrindo on Vimeo.


Curious what it looks like to have one’s mind beautifully stretched to new levels of awareness and consciousness? Me too! I created a compilation of one second moments during the month of February 2014, that I spent in Lwala, Kenya.

One Second Everyday: February 2014 in Kenya from Phil Gorrindo on Vimeo.


These videos were all created with the awesome iPhone App 1 Second Everyday — check it out! For further inspiration, check out Cesar Kuriyama’s TED Talk, and Kevin Kelly’s 90-second video of his 2-month trip to Asia.

Sewing Projects for Kiddos

May 18, 2015By Phillip GorrindoHandmade, Photos, Time-lapse, Visual Experiments

Over the years, as friends and family members have brought new kiddos into their lives, I’ve gotten in the habit of sewing a stuffed animal for these wonderful new additions. Usually an adorable elephant, sometimes a monkey.

Sometimes I’ve filled the animals with buckwheat hulls.

Sometimes I’ve used organic fabrics.

I’ve always used Burda pattern #7904.

And I always try to make them (as well upholster things!) with my mom. We just made another elephant for some dear friends, and in the process made a 2.5 minute time-lapse film, below. World’s Best Mom!

Sewing Evelyn's Elephant – May 2015 from Phil Gorrindo on Vimeo.


A sampling of some of our other finished projects from over the years:

Our History Together – Excerpt from March 2012

December 6, 2012By Phillip GorrindoPhotos, Time-lapse, Visual Experiments

In an effort to catalog some of my family’s shared history, a number of us gathered in March 2012 in Davis, California, to view some of our family photos from years ago. Using the photos as a substrate and stimuli, my goals were to capture some of our lore, to reminisce, and to see how we as individuals have grown over the years.

Below is a two minute excerpt of the entire 58 minute long session (which requires a password to access) — Our History Together.

A schematic representation of the recording setup shows how the cameras were positioned:

Overtime: Upholstering a Reading Chair

January 21, 2010By Phillip GorrindoHandmade, Time-lapse

My mom and grandfather continually put me in my place: in awe of their greatness. A few months ago, my grandpa and I built a reading chair — I had suggested the idea, he drafted the plans, and we did the carpentry together. Then time slipped by, this beautiful assembly of sculpted wood sitting alone in the corner — waiting for my mom to come for a visit and complete the project. So over the weekend, I fell under the mercy of not only my grandpa’s, but also my mom’s, formidable talent. The fruits of my mom’s delicate and meticulous labor are captured here in a ~6 minute time-lapse video (one frame captured every 30 seconds).

Thanks Momma and Gramps!